English-Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes 


Vocabulary is included on a wide range of categories, from subjects such as animals, the human body, baseball and buildings to more academic contents. There are plenty of quizzes too.

  • There are lots and lots of quizzes.
  • Categories aren't just in the form of subjects such as animals, the human body, baseball, buildings and so on - there are also lots of level-based categories.
  • Advanced-level vocabulary, like the kind found in the (old-style) Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Words for Academic Purposes and so on are also covered.
  • You can choose from Japanese to English , or English to Japanese.
  • You can also find out what percentage of answers you got correct.
  • As you can shuffle the order in which questions are presented, you can take a challenge any time.

How to...

This is the quiz page.
The vocabulary category is 'Animals', and the quiz is one where you look at the Japanese vocabulary written in romaji and choose the correct meaning (in English). There are many other vocabulary categories you can try, such as baseball, buildings, colours, frequently used words, family terms and so on.

This is a quiz where you must search for the correct meaning (in English) for Japanese words written in kanji/kana. Again, the chosen category is 'Animals'.

The number of vocabulary entries in the quiz is displayed, so you can check the time you'll need to complete it.

Not only does each quiz include a large number of vocabulary entries, there are also a lot of different types of quizzes brought together here for you.
When you have some time on your hands, look carefully for the particular category of quiz you want to take, then try it out!

These contents are part of Activities for ESL Students.

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