Japanese Phrases for Travelers


This is a convenient site that feels like a web-version of a Japanese travel phrasebook, complete with audio. The site covers lots of different situations encountered when abroad (over 100 in all), including 'Greetings', 'At a Restaurant', 'Shopping' and 'Travel'.

  • You can listen to spoken Japanese for vocabulary and expressions especially useful when traveling in Japan.
  • There is also basic functional vocabulary, and the kind of phrases used in situations such as 'Asking Permission', 'Making an Appointment' and so on.
  • You can also study using the hiragana and katakana syllabary charts complete with audio.
  • There are English translations, and romaji notation is included for the Japanese, so you can practise even if you cant read kana.

There are also explanations of the expressions used in the conversations.

There are also illustrations and photos to help explain certain things, for example Japanese foods, that don't have a direct English translation.

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