United Links for Japanese Learning Web Resources


This is a convenient collection of links to Japanese-study websites that allows you to choose the site you want to visit by selecting various categories, such as Japanese ability-level, display language and skills covered.

  • You can narrow down the number of sites displayed by choosing from 27 categories (podcast, hiragana etc.), 5 Japanese ability-levels, 8 different display languages and so on.
  • You can choose the order in which the sites resulting from your search are listed (i.e. display by level, category, most popular and so on).
  • You can also search for information by inputting text in the search box.

How to...

Here's an example for how to display information, ordered by category, for beginner level study sites written in English.

For the category, choose 'ALL'.

For the level, select 'Beginner's'

Choose 'English' for the language.

Finally, for the order, choose 'Category'.

And there you have it... All the beginner level information, in English, arranged by category.

These contents are part of the website of an internet portal for Japanese-learners called u-Pal.(introduction article)

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