Kanji Clinic


This is a column that appears in the Japan Times, designed to help develop kanji learning methods aimed at foreigners. The background, make-up etc. of various kanji are introduced in articles with various themes.

  • The backgrounds of kanji are introduced, alongside the way in which the characters came about, in articles on a number of different themes.
  • The articles include interesting explanations and commentary on kanji used in daily life, making the contents easy to understand and enjoyable even for beginner level students.
  • The site offers helpful tips regarding learning methods, with advice on studying kanji.

An article from 20 January 2010 introduces '今年の漢字' (This year's kanji), a competition held every year at the end of the year.

It seems that the writer looks at the news of the time when choosing topics for the articles.This means you can find out about both kanji and current affairs in the news at the same time.

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