This is an online English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionary. The site's basic concept is 'just type in some Japanese or English and you'll be shown its meaning', so the instant you enter even a single character you'll be shown a group of words containing that character, plus their meanings.

  • The design is very simple and so easy to view.
  • PopJisho is included as a feature of the site, so when you roll the mouse over the kanji in the search results you can check their meanings, plus kun and on readings, with the PopJisho function.
  • Search results are displayed very quickly.

How to...

Let's try looking up the meaning of a Japanese word.
As you enter a word in the entry box, a choice of corresponding words or phrases appears.

Roll the mouse over the kanji in the search results and you can use the PopJisho function to check their meanings and kun/on readings.

There is also a wordbook feature. Click on the "単語帳表示" (Display Wordbook) button, double click on any words you want to put into the wordbook and they will be entered.
Also, you can send that wordbook to your (Japanese) mobile phone, so you can use time spent on the move to memorise more words.

There's a a dictionary service for Japanese mobile phones too. You need to read the QR code using the QR code reader on your keitai.

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