This is a site where you can find out various things about Japanese cooking. There is a guide to some restaurants and a number of recipes too.

  • There are plenty of photos of Japanese cuisine, so people who have an interest in Japanese food culture can even just enjoy looking at the pictures on the site.
  • There are also recipes for how to make everyday Japanese dishes such as 'Oyako-donburi' (chicken and egg on rice), miso soup and so on.

How to...

Let's have a look at how to make 'Oyako-donburi'.
On the top page, click on either 'Exploring Japanese cuisines's' 'Recipes'.

Then find 'Oyako-donburi' from Japanese Recipe Index.

Click on 'Oyako-donburi' and you'll find a photo of the dish along with its ingredients. Underneath this is a description of how to make the dish, in English.

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