Japanese Learner's Dictionary

This is an online dictionary where you can look up words by entering kana only, a mix of kanji/kana, romaji or the english meaning. There is also an example-sentence search available.

  • You can look up words or related terms by inputting just kana, a kanji/kana mix, romaji or English.
  • Enter a word or sentence in Japanese or English and you can look for an example phrase that uses that word or sentence.
  • You can listen to audio via an automated text-to-speech system.

How to...

We'll try a search using kana only.

Where you see a speaker icon displayed, you can listen to audio.

When you want to look up words using English, click on 「English →Japanese」 button on the top page.

We looked up the word "winter" and the following search results came up.

This website is one of the 'J-CAT Related Sites', found on the homepage of the J-CAT Japanese Language Test (Introduction article).

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