Japanese in Anime & Manga

This is a site where you can have fun learning Japanese in action, in anime and manga. It's filled with contents and categories including character expressions, ninja kanji, onomatopoeia, and love word.

  • Have fun while you learn expressions, words, and kanji often used in anime and manga in the four genres, samurai, ninja, school, and love.
  • Check characteristic expressions of eight typical anime and manga characters such as a young lady or a butler, and listen to them spoken by voice actors.
  • Read the manga as you check the sounds of commonly used expressions and onomatopoeia, and look up the meanings. You can find cultural information, too.
  • In all four genres, you can challenge yourself with three levels of word quizzes and two levels of kanji games.
  • For Japanese notation you can choose between kanji mixed with kana, kana only, and romaji.
  • Commentaries are offered in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and French.

How to...

Take a look at Character Expressions.
Click Character Line-up to see the different expressions of each character at once.

Character expressions (PC)

Character Line-up (Smartphone)

Character Line-up (PC)

In the Character Dictionary you can learn about single phrases, grammar, aliases, and pronunciation specific to each character.

Character overview: List of single phrases for the samurai(PC)

Explanation of grammar: Samurai (Smart phone)

Go into Quiz: Whose line? to find quizzes that let you use what you learned in the explanations and think about who is saying what. It's a fun quiz, where you can see how well you understand the differences between the characters.

Quiz: Whose line? (PC)

In Expressions by scene, you'll find examples of how words and phrases are used in actual manga drawings. You'll find all sorts of vocabulary and expressions that you won't learn in regular textbooks.

Expressions by Scene: School (Smartphone)

There are onomatopoeia quizzes, too.

Onomatopoeia quizzes: Samurai (Smartphone)

Use the Word Quiz page to increase your knowledge of the language used in your favorite genre.
Choose Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Ninja Word Quiz (PC)

Ninja Word Quiz (PC)

Ninja Word Quiz (PC)

The moon changes as the questions progress!

The Kanji Game comes in two levels: Novice and Expert.

The Kanji Game: Novice (Smartphone)

The Kanji Game: Expert (Smartphone)

Navigators Emina and Agnam will walk you through the site and show you how to use it.

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