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You can study Japanese vocabulary using this website packed with plenty of illustrations, images, audio and quizzes. Various kinds of vocabulary are included, from words used in daily life to medical terms. There are images and illustrations to make the content easy to understand.

  • You can choose between Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional/simplified), Spanish and German for the display language.
  • For the target language, choose between Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish and German.
  • Audio is included. In Japanese mode, Kanji/kana notation is displayed alongside romaji.
  • There are various types of quiz, i.e. matching-format, input-format etc.

Vocabulary categories

How to...

Choose the display language

Choose the language you want to study

We selected vocabulary related to 'Eggs'. There are lots of kinds of quizzes to choose from.

When you want to listen to the audio, click on the speaker icon.

Matching quiz 1

A number of speakers appear at the bottom of the screen.
Click on these to hear spoken Japanese.
Then, drag and drop each one to the grey speaker shape next to the correct vocabulary item. You can only check your answers once you have placed all the speakers next to the words, so you won't know if you have made a mistake until after you complete the task.

Matching quiz 2

In this quiz you have to find the correct vocabulary item from those lined up at the bottom, then drag and drop it next to the correct picture. Here, too, you can only check your answers once you complete the quiz.

Matching quiz 3

Click on the speakers at the bottom of the screen, listen to the audio, then drag and drop each one next to the correct picture above.
Check your answers at the end.

Choose one vocabulary category, decide what kind of quiz to do, then play the game of your choice.
If you decide you want to try a different quiz for the vocabulary category you have chosen, please return to the top screen, choose the category again, then select the new quiz you want to try. You cannot simply proceed to the next screen or quiz as is.

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