経済のにほんご (Economics/Business Japanese)

This is a website where you can some study fundamental Japanese terms used in economics/business. English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian translations are provided, along with Japanese audio and, in parts, related terms and example sentences too.

  • You can see a list of basic terms given by theme.
  • You can search for language using kana or kanji in Japanese, or via its translational equivalent.
  • Other useful terms given include a list of economic acronyms used in the West and a collection of various legal terms

How to...

Click on one of the terms such as '貿易/trade', '労働/labor' or '社会福祉/social welfare', and you can choose from a further set of themes within that sphere.

You can check where you should place the pitch accent in the Japanese not only by listening to the audio, but also by looking at the shading over the hiragana.

You can switch between hiding or showing example sentences individually.

There is also a very simple quiz function where you can listen to the spoken Japanese, then check the corresponding example sentence. You might find this helpful for a bit of dictation practice.

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