早おし!部首チャレンジ Kanji Radical Challenge!


On this website you can study kanji radicals through a game. It's easy to use.

  • You can get to be able to recognise the basic radicals.
  • It's a good game for getting to know the shapes of different kanji.
  • For people who come from countries that don't use kanji, the game is good practice for getting to know about the make-up of characters.
  • The display language is Japanese-only, but game is very easy to use.

How to...

The game is very easy easy to use, but everything is written in Japanese only.
To start the game, press the button marked 'ゲームをはじめる'

The radical is shown at the top part of the screen.
Choose the kanji from the grid in which that radical appears.
There is a time limit.

If you run out of time, or make a mistake, the game-over screen will appear (shown below) and you'll have to try starting the game again from the beginning.

The name of each radical is displayed next to its shape at the top, so if you play the game repeatedly you'll probably grow to be able remember each one naturally over time.

You're marked with ○ (まる/circle) for every correct answer you get, and you automatically proceed to the next question.

The radicals used in the quiz are the fundamental ones.
Lots of kanji in which those radicals are used will appear.
By becoming more aware of the various radicals, you'll probably find it easier to recognise the composition of each kanji.

If you come across any kanji characters you don't know, you can make a note, then look up the meanings later.
It will be a good way to study and increase the number of kanji you know!

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