This is the home page for AI Inc., a voice synthesizer company. There is a demonstration corner where you can select from various character’s voices and have them read back text to you.

  • The page is only available in Japanese, but it is simple to use.
  • It will read text aloud in Japanese.
  • You can choose from male, female, and children characters.
  • You can select settings like the speed, pitch (high or low), and intonation (add emotion to the sentences).
  • The audio sounds close to a person’s voice, so it sounds very natural.
  • You can also listen to voices in the Kansai dialect style.

How to...

In the above image, in the box numbered “1”, you can select.
You can select the synthesized voice’s character. There are female, male, and child voices, but it’s better to choose after you have listened and picked a voice you like.
In the “2” box, you enter the text that you want to have them read aloud. (Under 100 characters)
Adjust speed, pitch, intonation, anger, sadness, and joy in the "3" box.
Lastly, press the red button labeled “合成 (Synthesize)” to play back the audio.

You can check out Kansai Dialect style voices here. Try to hear the differences in intonation.

The page is only available in Japanese, but using it is simple.
Even though the voice is synthesized, it sounds very natural.
It’s a very useful demonstration that can help for studying Japanese, like when you don’t know how to read a kanji, or by splitting up longer sentences to check their pronunciation.

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