My Kikitori


This is a very useful website for beginner-level learners of Japanese who are looking for a way to practice their listening. The vocabulary and grammar here are based upon the textbook "Genki vol.1".

  • There are 12 lessons in total, and each lesson includes several listening practice tasks and quizzes.
  • Registration/downloads are unnecessary. The content here is free.
  • You can choose to listen to passages at natural speed or slow speed.
  • The design and user interface are simple and there are some cute illustrations too.
  • The display language is English, but the quizzes and so on are in Japanese.

How to...

Either choose a lesson (1-12) from 'LESSONS' in the menu at the top of the screen, or begin by clicking the button marked 'GET STARTED' at the bottom of the screen.

Let's take a look at Lesson 1.

There's some background information about the scene in question written for you.
As there are illustrations too, it's quite easy to understand the situation.

There are 3 conversations in Lesson 1.
For each conversation you want to listen to, choose your desired speed.
Then click on 'Take the quiz now!' and check how much you understood.

The quiz opens in a separate window.
There are several quizzes for a single conversation.

Press the triangular PLAY button to hear the question.
Choose what you think is the correct answer for that question.
Finally, click on 'Check answers' to see how you did.
If you move the mouse cursor over the '?' mark, the question will be displayed in written Japanese (kana).

If there are 3 possible choices, when you make a mistake you won't know for sure which is the correct answer.
In that case, try re-activating the listening window, listen again to the conversation and have another go.

It's a good idea to do repeated listening practice, and people who choose the 'Slow Speed' option at first especially might like to try listening again at 'Natural Speed'.

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