日本語俗語辞書 (Japanese Slang Dictionary)


This is a website that explains the meanings of Japanese slang words and colloquial language in a dictionary-style system, as well as offering detailed information on how to use each, plus related words or phrases.

  • The website was started in 2005 and is updated as needed. At present there are 2425 words registered (as of 4 Dec. 2015).
  • You can find out the meanings of Japanese phrases used by young people, or vogue words and trendy terms of today.
  • There are indexes arranged by Japanese syllabary and generation (when a word/phrase was fashionable) , plus you can search by entering any word you like.
  • All displays are in Japanese only (as the site is aimed at native Japanese-speakers).

How to...

You can either search by entering the term you're looking for in the box marked '俗語辞書内検索' (Search Slang Dictionary) at the top of the screen, or by using the Japanese syllabary or generation indexes.

Search by Japanese syllabary: 'あ' results

Search by generation/year: Index

Entries in the generational index begin around 1900 (1902 to be exact).

When you search for a word or phrase, a page appears which explains both in simple and more detailed terms how it is usually displayed, in what generation the word was (or is) used popularly and what sort of category it belongs to.

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