This is a site that uses Jim Breen’s Japanese Dictionary and his Kanji Dictionary to create an online dictionary site that also lets you convert romaji into hiragana and katakana.

  • You can search by entering kana, kanji, romaji, or English.
  • For kanji, you can see not just the definition and reading, but also the stroke order and compounds using that kanji.
  • There’s also a smartphone version available.

How to...

By clicking on the tabs at the top of the page, or by typing what you would like to search or convert directly into the search box. You can select which tool you would like to use.

On the top pages for the “Japanese Dictionary” and “Kanji Dictionary” pages, there are hints on how to use each dictionary written in English. Let’s take a look at them.

“Kanji Dictionary” hints

I clicked on the “Kanji Dictionary” tab and used the kanji dictionary.
Let’s look up the example kanji “恋” from the hints.

The search results are displayed.
You can see much info about the kanji (the radical, components, meaning, readings, etc.) and you can also see words using the kanji and their meanings. You can see the stroke order as well.

Click on one of the vocabulary words, “はつ恋” and you are transported to a page with even more detail. There are example sentences and even a pronunciation sound clip. The clip is very mechanical, so it may not always be the correct pronunciation. Check with a native speaker or use the romaji written on the page to figure out the correct way to say the word.

Next, there’s a function to take romaji and change it into hiragana or katakana.

These next images are from the “About” page that is linked on the search pages.

They have a smartphone compatible page.The smartphone version is very useful when you’re on the go, not around a PC, have your phone on you, or there’s something you really want to search.

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