OJAD-Online Japanese Accent Dictionary

This is an online Japanese accent dictionary.You can look up the Tokyo accent for roughly 9,000 nouns. (As of October 2018.)

  • You can look up a total of roughly 423,000 accents for 12 basic uses of 3,500 vocabulary words (verbs, i-type adjectives, na-type adjectives).
  • You can choose words from the various chapters of 19 different textbooks, including "Minna no nihongo".
  • You can look up the accent for each conjugation pattern.
  • Under certain conditions, you can choose a male or female voice to listen to.
  • Use the "Prosody Tutor Suzuki-kun" to display the devoicing mora of the text you entered, and hear the text being read.
  • You can choose between Japanese, English, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Thai, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and French for the display language.

How to...

We'll show you how to search for words and look up the accent.

Let's try looking up "すきです".
Enter "すきです" into the box and click on the '検索' (Search) button.

The spoken accent is displayed for each conjugation pattern.
Click on 'FEMALE' to hear a female vocal sample of the pronunciation. Choose 'MALE' to hear a man's voice.
If you click on '印刷用ページ' the screen will change to a printable version.

Next, use the" Prosody Tutor Suzuki-kun".

Enter 「私は日本語を勉強しています」 (I am studying Japanese.)

Select items such as "Pitch Conour" and "Accent Above Text" from below the text input screen.The read-aloud feature can only be used when "Pitch Contour" and "Accent Above Text" are both set to advanced or beginner.
※ All voice selections are for the advanced level. (As of June 15, 2016)

Select the pitch contour.

Select the accent above the text.

Click "Analyze" to display the devoicing mora for the assumed accent and intonation.

Click "Generate" to show the four buttons "Playback", "Stop", "Reopen", and "Save".

Click "Playback" to listen to the text you entered.

Print the devoicing mora to use when you practice speaking.

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