mic-J : AV Resources for Japanese Language Instruction @ Tokyo Metropolitan University

This site has a variety of learning materials for Japanese listening and reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and so on. A range of levels are catered for, from beginners to advanced students.

  • You can practise your listening and pronunciation of voiceless/voiced sounds and assimilated sounds (the small 'tsu' sound in Japanese that's difficult to master)
  • You can watch interviews with Japanese people or see Japanese towns introduced through videos and photographs, allowing you to deepen your understanding of Japan and its culture.
  • Besides English and Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Mongolian pages are also provided.

In total there are 21 sections of contents. We'll pick up on just a few here to introduce briefly.

Gitaigo (Onomatopoeic words)

In this section you can learn some 'gitaigo' (mimetic words, i.e. words that describe an action/state) while watching some accompanying videos.
If you are interested in studying mimetic words used in Japanese, this is a good place to start.

Keigo(Honorific or Humble Exressions)

Here, keigo (honorific and humble expressions) are introduced by scene. There are videos and text for each script, making this a useful material for self-study.

VoAsp (link takes you to the Korean version)

Here you can find listening practice for voiced and voiceless sounds in the Japanese language. You can listen to explanations via QuickTime video and audio in order to practise. These contents have Chinese and Korean language support (no English).

Dream Weavers in TOKYO

You can watch videos of interviews with Japanese people and introductions to neighbourhoods in Japan. There are scripts, so this section is recommended for learners who want to study natural Japanese. Aimed at intermediate level students and above.

Aside from the sections we've introduced here there are various other contents to be found on the site.

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