Hiragana Megane


Enter the URL of a Japanese website and you can have furigana attached to the kanji text of all pages.

  • Register as a user and you can use site's 'hiragana megane' not only for websites but for other documents too. Copy and paste some Japanese text, part of an email or any thing else with kanji in it and you can have RUBY furigana attached to it. Registration is free.
  • You can choose a display language from the top right-hand side of the top screen. Available languages are Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese and Thai.

How to...

Please enter the URL of the Japanese site you want to read with furigana.

As an example, let's try adding furigana to the homepage of the Japanese Language Institute, Kansai.

First, this is the page with no furigana.

If you use 'hirahira no hiragana megane' to add furigana to the site, this is what it looks like...

If you register as a user you can add furigana to text not just by entering a URL but also by copying and pasting sentences.
Also, you can use a BBS bulletin board where fellow learners of Japanese share ideas. Registration is free. Please log in at the top left of the page.

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