世界の国旗(National Flags of the World)

You can search for national flags of 193 countries (United Nations member states). You can search for information on each country, such as its formal name, capital, language(s), population and currency.

  • Lets you see world national flags.
  • Provides explanations of the meaning behind each flag.
  • Includes information such as population, currency and area, as well as basic historical background.
  • Includes a quiz for identifying national flags.

How to...

There are 3 ways so search for national flags.
1) Search country name by Japanese kana order
2) Search from a map
3) Search by region name

Japanese kana chart

When searching from the map, click a region of the world map on the top page, or click the menu on the left-hand side.

Click "地図" (Map)

Clicking "地図" displays the map like in this image.
Clicking the country you want to learn about will move you to that country's detail screen.

Countries starting with "あ".

We've clicked on アイスランド (Iceland).
Not only is an image of the national flag displayed,
but an image of the map displaying the country's location in a red circle,
basic information such as its formal name, capital and currency,
the meaning behind the flag and a link to the country's embassy.

Country detail screen

Clicking "地域" (Region) from the menu displays a list of national flags. This search method is convenient when you know a national flag, but not the name of the country.

When clicking the region "オセアニア" (Oceania)

Aside from this content, there is also a quiz.

(3-choice quiz)

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