介護の漢字サポーター(Caregiving Kanji Supporter)


This is a site where you can look up the kanji, and associate single kanji, two-kanji words and terminology with another used on each subject of the National Examination for Care Workers.

  • The available languages are English/Japanese and Indonesian/Japanese.
  • You can search care worker terminology.
  • You can study terminology by subject.
  • You can study the single kanji and compound kanjis that appear frequently on the National exam.
  • It’s free to use and no registration is required.
  • The site is smartphone compatible.

How to...

You can select from English/Japanese and Indonesian/Japanese.

The subjects are shown in Japanese.

If you click on “人間の尊厳と自立” (Human Dignity and Independence), a kanji list will appear.
The ★ indicates the frequency of the kanji. (Three ★ means the kanji appears frequently.)

This site has a very easy to understand “How To Use (つかいかた)” page. The page is available in English and Indonesian as well, so please check it out.

This site was introduced on our eな Information Station.

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