Escucha japones 聞く日本語


This is a website to help Spanish speakers with their Japanese listening and conversation practice. You can listen to daily conversation set to a fun, bouncy rhythm and practise through repetition.

  • The website is written in a blog style, with YouTube imbedded. You can write comments too.
  • You can remember simple phrases or expressions by repeating short conversations set to a rhythm. There are pauses between each phrase.
  • Every episode has explanations in Spanish too.
  • Each episode has - in order from the top - the title of the talk of the day (in Spanish), the date, a YouTube screen, script (in kana/kanji, hiragana, romaji and a Spanish translation), explanations etc. (in Spanish), a vocabulary list, links to comments etc.

Themes to match the season, or special events, are also introduced. This is a screenshot from Valentine's Day.

As this is content-focused learning material, people who want to study sentence structure and grammar systematically might find it effective to use this site alongside others.

Click on this button to change the display language/notation.

Press the '漢' button and the Japanese will be displayed in a kanji/kana mix like this.

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