JOSHU – Japanese Online Self-Help Utility

This is a self-study site where you can try some hiragana/katakana practice, or verb conjugation and particle practice. You can also watch videos showing Japanese culture seen through the eyes of American university students.

  • Menu items are: Learn the Basics, Vocabulary, Kana/Kanji, Grammar, Counters, Reading, Video, Culture and Links.
  • The Reading section is still under construction, so cannot be used at the moment.
  • The kanji and vocabulary here correspond with the content of beginner-level textbooks such as "Yookoso".
  • There are video clips introducing aspects of Japanese culture, made by students of Texas University.

How to...

Let's take a look at the Animal Slide Show game from the 'Vocabulary' menu. You get to memorise the names of different animals as they appear alongside illustrations or photos.

There is also a verb conjugation list, plus practice.

In the Grammar Videos Made By Students section, you can see situations in which expressions such as ~てしまう or ~たほうがいい might be used. This helps you understand how to use expressions, and is useful when you need to memorise them.

You can also watch some videos that show American university students' own experiences of Japanese culture.

This site is part of the University of Texas at Austin's Japanese Program.

Click on 'JOSHU 日本語 study help' to arrive at this page.

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