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You can enjoy studying beginner Japanese in an easy to understand way. After topic 1, “Hiragana, Katakana” and topic 2 “Greetings, Numbers”, there are skits with example conversations that use Japan as the stage and teach you the necessary sentence patterns and vocabulary to use in each situation. There are 15 lessons so far.

  • The story of the videos is about a learner of Japanese who came to Japan and visited various places, like cafes, a visitor information center, a hotel, and sightseeing spots.
  • You can enjoy studying Japanese by watching videos shot in real Japanese locations.
  • For first-time learners of Japanese, it is possible to study about the necessary grammar and useful phrases needed for a trip to Japan.

How to...

The site’s goals are as follows.

1. To be able to ask questions to receive basic information when facing common situations on a visit to Japan.
2. To be able to have a simple conversation with someone you just met, by asking questions such as where they went, what they saw, etc.
3. When encountering common situations while on a trip to Japan, to be able to understand the information needed, even without understanding the entire conversation when someone is talking slowly and in short phrases.

(On the upper right of the top page, if you click the menu and then “flc Japanese top”, the link leads to the site’s overview and goals.)

On the upper right of the top page, there is a menu.
To go to a lesson, use the drop down menu to select a lesson or click on the number of the lesson from the list on the top page.

How to use the page is also explained in a video.

Let’s take a look at Topic 1, “Hiragana/Katakana”.
If you click the book icon, you can download the lesson as a PDF file.

You can listen to the pronunciation of the kana, or by looking at simple illustrated animations.

The different ways to study have illustrations and a good use of color, so the site is easy to use.

To start, click the “スタート” button in the red box below.

If you want to go to a different lesson from this page, please select it from the menu on the top right of the page, highlighted in the red box below.

From Topic 3 to 15, you will study sentence patterns and vocabulary by skits.



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