E-learning materials


These are Japanese learning materials developed by the Center for Japanese Language  Education, the University of Tokyo.

  • Use the audio to teach yourself Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and Verb Conjugation.
  • Check what you've learned with quizzes and practice lots with all sorts of tasks.
  • The quizzes are simple to use, even for people who cannot use a computer or type.

How to...

Take a look at Hiragana, for example.

Click 'Go' to get started.

The 'Intro' page helps you to learn with voiced and written explanations.

From Study 2 Shape of Hiragana

From Study 2 Shape of Hiragana

From Study 2 Shape of Hiragana

This is the 'Main' index.

Even if you are learning hiragana by yourself for the first time, you will learn it easily by following steps L1 to 16.
There are plenty of exercises so you can study at your own pace as many times as you like until you learn.

You can practice saying the vocabulary with the audio.

You can practice line by line.

There are also exercises that double as a review of the entire alphabet.

This is the 'Task' index.

Here too, there are plenty of exercises (Tasks) to help retain what you've learned.

※You can learn "Katakana," with similar content.

Take a look at the Verb Conjugation and Kanji contents.

Verb Conjugation is designed using diagrams to show type and form, making it easy to understand.

This is the Kanji index.

Choose a page to go to a summary of details showing meaning, radicals, on-reading, kun-reading, example words, and so on.

Having a vocabulary list with audio and English translation for each lesson is convenient.
There are hide/show buttons to let you practice and see what you have learned.

You can also find reading and listening practice exercises and final quizzes.

Reading Practice

Listening Practice

Final Quiz

This is very useful content for people who want to take their time to understand and practice from the start at their own pace as well as those who have basic knowledge but want to practice lots to better retain what they've learned.

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