早川乃梨子のオノマトペイント(The onomatopoeia picture drawn by Noriko Hayakawa. )


Select a picture drawn by Noriko Hayakawa (from 100 as of Feb. 10, 2017) and enter the onomatopoeia that comes to mind when you look at it.
This is a site that you can enjoy like a quiz game by guessing whether you got the answers right or not. The soft touch of the drawings is nice, too.

  • Have fun learning all sorts of onomatopoeia as if you're playing a quiz game, by looking at drawings with a soft touch.
  • Don't worry if you don't know it. Learn onomatopoeia using the hint, percentage of people who got it correct, or GIVE UP.

How to...

It's easy to use.

You see a huge drawing.
Look carefully at the drawing and enter the onomatopoeia based on the hint that is the title under the number (第○○回).

To the right you see the check answer (回答) and GIVE UP buttons.

Under the answer button is the percentage of people who answered correctly. Look at it when you can't think of the answer right away. You might be relieved knowing that others had trouble, too.
After several tries, if you still don't get it right, it might be good to read the title under the number (第○○回) and look at the picture again.
If you are a learner who is familiar with onomatopoeia, test yourself by looking at the drawings carefully and enter all sorts of answers before you give up.
If you are a learner who finds onomatopoeia difficult, it might be good to check your answers right away to know which onomatopoeia are used in certain situations, to help you learn vocabulary.

To see the one before, click "previous"(まえへ) or find it in the list of drawings at the bottom of the top page.

This site is also introduced as part of an "e! Kore" article called "Niko niko"or "Niya niya"?. If you're interested, please be sure to stop by and have a look!

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