漢字書き順辞典(Kanji stroke order dictionary)

This kanji lookup dictionary recognizes handwriting.
In addition to stroke order, you can search and view kanji details including vocabulary and four-character idioms

  • Look up kanji by handwriting, reading, stroke count, radical, or kanji kentei level.
  • Watch the animated stroke order.
  • Check out words, four-letter idioms, and proverbs that use the kanji you looked up, at a glance.
  • Learn the meanings of the words that use the kanji you looked up by going to the linked free dictionaries and search tools.

How to...

This is the Top Page.
Search the kanji with one of the three methods: enter single kanji, choose category from menu, and enter kanji by handwriting.

Click "menu" at the top left to show the categories.

To enter your search by hand, click "手書き漢字検索(Search kanji by handwriting)" at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
When the screen opens up, drag your mouse to write the kanji you want to look up.

Let's try with the character "語".

Even if you're not able to write it well, the site will recognize your writing and offer suggestions above the space you wrote in.
Click the character you want, to look it up.

Now you see the page for "語".
In addition to animated stroke order, by scrolling you can find vocabulary words, four-letter idioms, proverbs, and people's names that include the character.

Vocabulary, four-character idioms, and events or proverbs that include "語".

"語" in various fonts.

The handwritten kanji search site "KANJI.ME" will also lead to the search results of this site.

The range of information that develops from a single character can help you enjoy learning kanji from various perspectives.

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