日本語学習読本(Reading materials for learn Japanese)


(From the site:) This site introduces easy-to-read Japanese books designed to make reading fun for children whose first language is not Japanese, children who have hearing difficulties or cannot hear, and children who are learning Japanese or find Japanese difficult, to read and enjoy by themselves.

  • Practice Japanese using reading materials that suit your level.
  • Print and bind.
  • Every kanji comes with rubi.
  • Practice reading from top to bottom.

How to...

Top screen.
The reading materials are divided into five levels from beginners to intermediate, depending on the Japanese sentence patterns and vocabulary used. (*There are no reading materials for Level 3 (beginner-intermediate) and Level 4 (intermediate) 〔as of April 12, 2018〕).
Choose your level from "レベル別読み物 (reading materials by level)" at the top of the screen. Let's look at Level 0 (beginner)

There are eleven reading materials.
Let's read the old Japanese folktale, "さるかに(Battle of the Monkey and the Crab)".
To read it, it must be downloaded.

A scene from "さるかに(Battle of the Monkey and the Crab)"
With simple sentences and fun illustrations, the material is easy to read, helping even beginners of Japanese to read more and more.

Print and bind your favorite reading material to create a picture book. From "読本の使い方 (How to use the reader)" at the top of the screen, find easy procedures under "読本の印刷・製本の仕方 (How to print/bind)".

The reading materials come in all sorts of and topics from classical stories and fairy tales with illustrations, to books about nature and cooking, with photos. You're sure to find something to suit your level and interest.
Enjoy reading a lot at your own pace and use it to master Japanese.

This site was recommended to us via the eな information station.

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