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This is a collocation search system for learners of the Japanese language that can be used on mobile devises, too.
It will surely be useful for intermediate and advanced learners when writing compositions and reports.

  • With this system, you can enter nouns and find modifiers and verbs that are often used together.
  • The display language English and Japanese.

How to...

When using the search system for the first time, please read the 'Terms of Use' in the green frame.
After that, you can start using the materials.

Then click on 'Search here'.

Select 'Noun + Verb' or 'Modifier + Noun'.

We clicked on 'Noun + Verb'.

You'll see buttons as shown below. Choose the first kana of the word you want to search.
If you would prefer katakana, click the カタカナ button.

The screen you see when tapping 'Noun + Verb'.

Click 'え' to show nouns that begin with 'え'.
Use the Old JLPT Level (Study Index Value) shown next to each word for reference.

Let's click on '影響 (えいきょう)'.

Search results for え.

A list of verbs (with particles) associated with the noun '影響' will appear, as seen below.

Results for '影響'.

We clicked on '影響を及ぼす (have an effect, influence, impact…)'.
In addition to the meaning, example sentence, and translation (Korean and Chinese), frequency is also  displayed by Sub-Corpus.

You can also customize the display language.

Example of 'Modifier + Noun' screen.

This is a useful site for advanced level learners of Japanese who want to increase their vocabulary or to check and see if their collocations are used correctly.

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