≪Karin≫Japanese Commonly-Paired Words Checker


This is a collocation search system for learners of the Japanese language that can be used on mobile devises, too.
It will surely be useful for intermediate and advanced learners when writing compositions and reports.

  • With this system, you can enter nouns and find modifiers and verbs that are often used together.
  • The display language English and Japanese.

How to...

(Find details on how to use the system on the left-hand side.)
When you open the window to use the system for the first time, please read the Terms of Use (1) and (2) titled in letters.
Then you can use the materials.

First, select your JLPT level.

Tap the Noun + Verb or Modifier + Noun button and select the first character of the noun or type the noun into the window at the top.

Screen after tapping the Noun + Verb button

Search results after entering 「影響」

Search results after entering 「影響」

You can choose an English or Japanese display language, but can only enter words in Japanese.
(Searches cannot be made in romaji (e.g. eikyoo, eekyoo) or English (e.g. influence).)

Japanese language display screen

The website provides tips on when the system is suitable or not suitable. Please use this for reference.

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