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Watch international student Erin, the main character in the DVD learning series "Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese" in various scenes through her experiences at a Japanese high school. Enjoy being in touch with Japanese culture as you watch her talking with friends of course, but also finding mysteries at school and around town, as well as in the home.

  • When you watch the skits on video, you'll see when to use the different types of expressions you've learned.
  • You can learn by listening to live Japanese expressions being used.
  • Where the culture is introduced, you can discover unusual things in convenience stores or learn how to use a furoshiki.

How to...

From "Choose a Lesson" you can select scenes such as Making Requests or Asking Permission, from Can-do levels 1-25.

Each lesson has 8 corners.

The Basic Skit and Advanced Skit videos let you choose subtitles.
You can also download the scripts in mixed kanji and kana, hiragana, romaji, or English.

Go to "Key phrases" to find expressions explained  and videos of usages other than those in the skits, under "Key phrases in different situations".

In "What's this" you'll find all sorts of unusual things.

Can you tell what this is, in the fitting room?

"Let's see" has videos and images showing the culture and lifestyles. You can also download Culture Quiz slides on PDF or PowerPoint.

There are some not-so-easy problems, too.

In "Learn onomatopoeia with manga" you can use the manga to see how onomatopoeia is used and listen to the actual sound in the video.

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