Nihongo Starter A1


This is a self-study ebook for people studying Japanese for the first time. Learn the Japanese used in situations encountered by international science and engineering students in Japan.

  • Listen to explanations in English about grammar, expressions, and vocabulary.
  • Watch many short skits (about 3 minutes each) on video.
  • The skits cover various situations, from greetings and self-introduction, to scenes in university laboratories, school cafeterias, and even karaoke.
  • While watching the videos, you can practice speaking, as if you are the main character.
  • You can view this ebook on your smartphone, too.

How to...

There are lessons one to ten. Learn frequently used expressions like requests, questions, and how to order food. Each lesson comes with Can-do learning targets with a skit video, quizzes for checking, and speaking practice videos.

Select a lesson and click Read Online to see a list of the contents for that lesson. Let's take a look at Lesson 5, なにが すきですか / Nani ga suki desu ka.

First, Robojii, the robot navigator explains the "Can-do" for this lesson.

In the Explanations, you can listen to explanations on audio, while watching videos showing grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. You can also read the scripts of the explanations.

Log in to Exercise with your Google or Facebook ID, to take a multiple-choice quiz. The answer choices are written in kana and romaji, too, so don't worry, if you haven't learned the writing yet.

In the Can-do Challenge, you can become the speaker and practice talking.

These contents are part of the CHiLO Book Library, an online education system using ebooks.

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