Online Japanese Practice


Here there are a number of practice questions aimed at beginner-level learners of Japanese. There are also contents to help intermediate and advanced learners study kanji and expressions.

  • You can practise typing hiragana and katakana, verb conjugation and so on.
  • There are quizzes to test kanji readings, numbers etc.
  • There are contents to help more advanced learners learn some new expressions.
  • Besides Japanese, Thai, Chinese and English can be used for the display language.

There are practice tasks like the ones below.

Hiragana and katakana typing practice

Verb-conjugation practice

Kanji practice (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels)

Practice for counter suffixes (ordinal numbers)

"Today's Expression" for advanced learners

For all the quizzes, for each practice, the results are displayed as follows.

This site is also introduced in an "e! Kore" article called Is typing in Japanese a weakness of yours? Solve your problems here! (Beginners version). If you're interested, please stop by to take a look!

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