漢字Japanese kanji Dictionary

A kanji dictionary to look up kanji and words.
It has lots of characters and a wealth of information.
The Japanese version and English version are a little bit different.

  • You can look up kanji and words for their readings and meanings and also set various conditions.
  • You can find out the meanings, readings, stroke count, and stroke order of the kanji you looked up.
  • Two types of fonts can be displayed.
  • You can copy the actual kanji.

How to...

Enter the kanji you want to look up in the search window.
On the Japanese page, you can search by radical or composition, in addition to the kanji itself.

On the English page, you can also search by meaning.

We looked up kanji using the radical '心' on the Japanese page.

Search results.

The results here are displayed by stroke count, but you can change the order to show results by the official kanji examination level or reading order.

Next let's look at the kanji '田' on the Japanese page.

Details on the Japanese page.

Now look at the exact match kanji results for 'happy' on the English page.

Search results.

Click 'Details' to see detailed information.

As you can see, the Japanese and English pages slightly differ, to make it easier for users.

Both the Japanese and English pages show the meanings and readings of the kanji, as well as stroke order.
You can click 'この漢字をコピー (copy this kanji)' on the Japanese page or 'Copy' on the English page to copy and paste onto documents that you need, which makes it convenient.
The Japanese page also has variant (old fashioned) characters.

The Japanese page.

The English page

Here's what happened when we changed the kanji search for 'happy' to word search, on the English page.

Search results.

Being able to switch freely between kanji and words lets you study vocabulary, too.

Other search items on the Japanese page.

You can also search for Popular Categories, Alphabet-reading, and Alphabet-meaning on the English page.

Popular Categories

Alphabet-reading, and Alphabet-meaning

It's a very easy-to-use kanji dictionary, not only because of the large number of recorded characters and all the ways to look them up, it is designed to make learning a chain of events, with a wealth of information.

Click here for the Japanse page.

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