数え方辞典ONLINE (Kazoekata Jiten ONLINE)

This is a dictionary to look up counter words to use when counting something.

  • Display is only in Japanese.
  • You can look up ways to count all sorts of things.
  • It helps you learn vocabulary, too.

How to...

Top screen

Enter the item you want to count in Search.
Enter '本 (book)' for example.
It's convenient because you can set whether you want the search to be an exact or partial match.

Results screen
Click the arrow to see details.

Details screen

It's only in Japanese, but the reading is shown in hiragana so it's easy to use.

In addition to ways of counting, there are various other kinds of dictionary data recorded, so you can change your search results to '全ての辞典での検索結果 (Search results in all dictionaries)' to learn about kanji characters, proverbs, and other things related to '本 (book)'.

Take a look at '漢字辞典での検索結果 (Search results in the kanji dictionary)'.
Note that the title has changed to '漢字辞典ONLINE (Kanji Dictionary ONLINE)' so if you continue your search here, you'll end up searching for kanji.

Moving to the Kanji Dictionary.

The dictionary has a large number of entries so you can have fun learning how to count unusual things.

How to count koto(a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings).

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