Just a little bit each day, this app will get you into the habit of reading Japanese.

Reading Japanese (iOS)

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  • There are more than 500 original articles to read.
  • The topics are varied so you won't get bored with them.
  • Whether your Japanese level is beginner or advanced, there's something for you to enjoy.
  • All of the kanji come with furigana. You can choose to have them on or off.
  • Tap a kanji to see its definition in the in-app dictionary.

How to…

First select your Japanese level.
You can always change the setting later, so you might want to choose "just starting" to begin with.

You'll see a list of titles.Tap one to read the article.
You'll sometimes see ads in-between. Don't pay attention, if you're not interested.

The articles cover various topics.

Some focus on proverbs or four-character idioms.

Some capture things that happen in everyday life.

You can also learn about Japanese culture by reading articles about events that made the news in Japan or whatever is trending now.

You can change your Japanese level at any time by going to Settings from the gear icon.

The list of articles will change to meet your level.

The kanji in the articles will be highlighted in red with furigana.

If you tap the red kanji, you will see an explanation of that kanji as well as different ways to use it.

You can control your Article Settings by turning Enable Furigana, Show Underline on Kanji, and Highlight Kanji on or off.

Because the concept of this app is to get you into the habit of reading Japanese, each article is very short.
It's the perfect way of habit-forming because you can read an article in just a little bit of time.

This app has an android version, too. (Introduction article)

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Reading Japanese (iOS)
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iPhone iOS, iPadOS, iPod touch iOS 11.0 or later required, Mac macOS11.0 or later, Mac with Apple M1 chip

Reading Japanese (iOS)


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