Learn hiragana and katakana from a number of different angles.

Ganbatte Kana

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Recommended points

  • You choose from a rich variety of ways to practice, because it lets you not only listen to the sounds, but also can recognize handwritten kana and your speech, too.

What can you do?

  • You can learn from the 50 syllabic kana up to vocabulary that include unvoiced, voiced, and long kana sounds.
  • It comes with handwriting recognition so you can determine the level of your character styling.
  • It comes with speech recognition so you can practice pronunciation.
  • Choose from all sorts of quizzes, including roma-ji typing, speaking, and handwriting.

How to...

After you log in, you will see a display divided into three parts: Introduction, Practice, and Test.
Swipe the screen you'd like to view.


There are 8 icons that answer the most frequently asked questions by learners of Japanese, such as the difference between the use of 「お」 and 「を」  the selective use of hiragana and katakana. (Displayed in English)

「Setting」You can select the voice of a man or a woman.
「Feedback」You can ask questions from here.


Here you can enjoy different types of practice and quizzes.
The handwriting practice where you can choose the letter has animated stroke order and voice so you can confirm while you're writing.
Look at the stroke order and trace the silhouette with your finger.If your stroke order is correct, it will be marked "correct".
The letters that you got correct will show a number of stars to tell you how well you wrote.

In "Type alphabet", look at the word given to you in hiragana or katakana and enter the reading in roma-ji. If you have any difficulty, confirm the reading with the sound.

When you start to become familiar with the word it might be a good idea to try Tap Hiragana or Tap Katakana, where you choose the hiragana or katakana you want to enter from a table.

"Read aloud" is best for practicing pronunciation. Tap "rec." to record the word reading. Confirm your voice recording with "listen".
If you're not sure, you can always listen to the correct reading by checking the sound logo next to the word.


Test your ability here. There are three types of tests each for both hiragana and katakana: "Enter the word reading using roma-ji," "Look at the roma-ji and write the letter," and "Listen to the sound and write the letter."

Even if you've already studied kana, being able to learn from various angles lets you completely master them without getting bored.It's also great that you can learn the basics of hiragana and katakana at your own pace.
You can save words you've already studied and results such as how often you've gotten them correct or not. This way, you can practice letters again and again and aim to overcome your weak points!  

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Ganbatte Kana
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International University of Japan
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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