The second app that lets you enjoy studying kanji through mnemonic pictures and games.

KANJI Memory Hint 2 [English]

  • Beginner

Recommended points

  • Have fun studying kanji with mnemonic pictures and games.

What can you do ?

  • Have fun learning kanji shapes and meanings using mnemonic pictures and games.
  • Have fun studying kanji over and over again with two types of games.
  • See the kanji listed by topic.
  • See examples of kanji vocabulary meanings (English), readings (kana, voice), and stroke order.
  • Check the "Meaning", "Reading", and "Picture" boxes to make sure you've learned the kanji.

How to...

There are two main contents: "Memory Hints" (mnemonic pictures) and "Game".

This is the first screen for "Memory Hints".

by topic : The kanji are separated by topic. You can look at pictures and animations of kanji one by one.

Tap the icon on the far left to confirm the shape of the letter with the animation.

Tap the icon in the center to see the picture beside the kanji.

Tap the icon on the far right to see the kanji details on the "Kanji Words", which will show you the meaning (English), reading (kana), stroke order, and a sample sentence.
Tap the speaker icon to hear the reading (voice).

Tap "Kanji Table" at the bottom of the top page to see the kanji you can study, listed by topic.
You can get to "Kanji Words" from here too, by tapping the kanji.

Kanji Check : You can see the "Meaning", "Reading", and "Picture" for every kanji here.

Screen showing "Meaning", "Reading", and "Picture".

You can select each item by selecting show or hide with the check box on the screen.
It's convenient because you can simply see if you've learned it, like using flash cards.

Screen hiding "Meaning" and "Reading".

This is the first screen of the "Game" section. There are two types of games.

With either type, you can play the game by choosing at least six kanji.
When there aren't enough characters, a pop-up screen lets you know how many more you need to choose.

Kanji Memory : A game to match the meaning, and shape to the kanji.

Screen when your choice is "Normal" in "Meaning".

Screen when your choice is "Challenge" in "Meaning".

Kanji Catch : A game to catch the correct meaning, reading to the kanji.
Move the pack at the bottom to the left and right to catch the correct meaning or reading of the kanji. Choose from three speeds.

Screen for "Meaning".

Your game score is recorded, so you can challenge your previous score to get a better one. You can reset the record any time.

When you tap "View Reward", you'll see a map of Japan. Then tap the dice.
The dice will twirl and show the number of spaces you can move.

If the stamp mark turns blue, the stamp is your reward. There are 12 stamps in all.
You can download the stamps and use them in SNS, too. Keep trying until you collect all 12 !

One of the stamps

"Using This App" at the bottom right of the top page will show you how to use the app.
There is also a simple explanation about kanji for absolute beginners in kanji and Japanese.

Use the mnemonic pictures and two games to learn difficult kanji for learners, in a fun way !
There are also "KANJI Memory Hint 1" (Introduction article) and "KANJI Memory Hint 3"(Introduction article)that you can use.

More information about this app.

App. name
KANJI Memory Hint 2 [English]
The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai
70.1 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

KANJI Memory Hint 2 [English]


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