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The basics of Japanese are carefully explained here, making it a very useful site for people who are thinking about starting to learn Japanese, or for Japanese learners who have just begun their studies.

  • Hiragana, katakana, pronunciation, kanji, grammar, greetings, useful phrases and so on are explained in detail.
  • As audio is included, even people with absolutely no knowledge of the Japanese language can understand.
  • There are a number of articles about annual events, manners, things such as the educational system and sports, general conditions in Japan and Japanese culture.

There is an introduction to the Japanese language and learning Japanese.
We think this is a great place to start for any learners just beginning their Japanese language studies.

Grammar is also explained in simple terms.

Of course, you can also learn kana and kanji.

The articles related to Japanese culture, manners and customs are also really interesting!

This site is also introduced in an "e! Kore" article called Start learning Japanese from zero. Also, one part of the contents, Namiko's Blog Lessons, is introduced in an article called Let's read some blogs!. If you're interested, please stop by to take a look!

These contents are one part of About.com.

Last update 2010.08.13