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Recommended points

  • You can study various aspects of the Japanese language, from kana to grammar.
  • The app references the popular grammar guide by Tae Kim used by many people.
  • It also offers a rare opportunity for kana typing practice.
  • There are practice tasks and quizzes.

What can you do?

  • You can memorise the kana through various methods, such as flashcards, keyboard input, handwriting and so on.
  • You can study how to read numbers.
  • You can see stroke orders for over 2,300 kanji characters.
  • You can study more than 14,600 vocabulary words.
  • You can study particles.

How to...

This is the menu.
Tapping the arrows on the left side of the screen takes you to the study contents for each item on the menu. Tapping the arrows on the right side takes you to the test contents for each.

Let's look at each kind.
This is the katakana test menu. There is a multiple-choice test, a typing test and a handwriting test.

In the typing test, choose the correct combination of constants (left side) and vowels (bottom side) in order to type the displayed kana.

This test has you actually try writing the kana by hand.

This is the kanji test menu.
Try testing your understanding with different kinds of tests, such as multiple choice or handwritten tests.

This is the 'Kanji Draw' test. You are given hints such as the meaning and reading of the kanji in order to write the correct character.

This is the vocabulary menu. You can choose what to learn according to level, so it is easy to keep your studies in order.

This is the multiple-choice vocabulary quiz.

This is the page for studying numbers.

Let's take a look at the numbers quiz page.

The readings for the numbers are shown in romaji. Use the keyboard to enter the correct numbers.

Particle quiz

Grammar study menu

We think this is a very convenient app for Japanese learners, as you can do general study and check various aspects of the Japanese language all in one package.

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