How are YOU studying Japanese?

When starting out with one's Japanese study, often the question that first comes to mind for a lot of people is...

...Just how does everyone else out there go about learning the language?

Some of you already have your own special study method, but if there are other effective ways of learning, I bet you want to know them. If that's the case, you should try reading wikiHow /How to Learn Japanese.

On this site, Japanese learners the same as you introduce some of their own preferred Japanese study methods (wikiHow/How to Learn Japanese Introduction article can be found here).

Read this before beginning your Japanese language studies and you may find some useful hints to set you off in the right direction. There are lots of 'Tips' written here too.

Let's have a brief look at some other sites concerned with Japanese study methods.

1. Japanese for Smart People

On this site, click on the links to 'How to Learn Japanese US version' and 'How to Learn Japanese UK version' and you can see PDF files for both.

Let's look at the US version.

When you go to the page you'll see a table of contents.

Sub contents include 'Finding a teacher', 'Language schools' and 'Self study tips'.

In 'Self study tips' you'll find tips giving you advice along the lines of 'look for a quiet place to study'.
Although these kinds of things seem like small matters to be worrying about, when set out like this, you might realise that this is what has been lacking in your studies, or maybe you hadn't noticed the real benefits of such things before.

2. All Japanese All The Time

Two aspects of this site really set it apart. Firstly, there is the personal tone - this is a blog grounded in the author's own experiences of learning Japanese. Second, the wealth of information and links collected here give you plenty of study material to sink your teeth into.
The site's introduction article is here.

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  • Re:How are YOU studying Japanese?


    Hi, I study Japanese by using the minna no nihongo books, but I also use a variety of websites like lang-8 and renshuu. I find watching Japanese films, tv dramas and anime (such as the infamous studio ghibli movies) are all very useful for testing how much I have learnt and improving my listening skills. I also try to read and understand short stories in Japanese by using english translations. A good book is 'New Penguin Parallel Text Japanese'. I also think having a goal helps you to organise and prioritize what you want to learn in japanese. For example I am studying to pass a short course Japanese GCSE I have in July. But someone else may want to learn all the mythical vocabulary they can to understand a fantasy genre anime that they like. Hope I helped!

    Posted by Michaela

    Re:How are YOU studying Japanese?


    I have just arrived in kyoto as an English teacher at Mainichieikaiwa ( I am currently learning Japanese basics by making some language exchange friends. I also try to watch Japanese TV even though I can barely understand anything at the moment.

    Posted by Mike

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