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Have you ever heard the Japanese phrase, "keizoku wa chikara nari"?
What it means is, basically, "in anything you do, persevering and plugging away every day will reap rewards".

How about your own Japanese study?
"I know it's best to do a bit each day, but I always end up slacking off..." Does this sound like you?

Well, for times like this, we can recommend learning some Japanese using videos.
Since all you have to do is watch a video a few minutes long, this is the kind of study that doesn't take much effort at all!

For example, try entering the words "Japanese, Hiragana" on the Japanese version of YouTube and searching.
Like below, a list of various videos for learning hiragana will show up.
Most videos have music or songs to accompany them, so you can learn hiragana in a fun way!

There are lots of other Japanese-learning videos on YouTube.
We'll introduce some of those we found below.
This time we'll look at those videos that make up a series.
Looking at a series in order is an efficient way to study.

Japanese Pod 101.com

Here you can learn beginner-level kanji, single phrases, vocabulary and so on, all in a light-hearted way.

Examples of videos

Vlog in Japanese

Kyoko-san talks about all kinds of everyday topics, all in the form of a blog.

Takanori Tomita's Japanese Lessons

Tomita-sensei teaches us beginner-level grammar and conversation in an easy-to-understand way.

These videos are also introduced in Learn to speak Japanese (Introduction article).

Aside from these we have just looked at, there are lots more videos for Japanese learners to be found on the internet.
Find some that suit you, then use them to help power-up your Japanese!

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