Hiragana/katakana game compilation! (2)

There are lots of games to help with learning hiragana and katakana.
You might find one you like!

Jigsaw puzzles for hiragana-learners

This is a website recommended by Yoshifumi Murakami via the eな Information Station.
You have to put together the scattered pieces of the jigsaw to make up the individual hiragana characters.
All the characters, from 'あ' to 'ん', are here.
Looks like a useful way to remember the shapes of the characters, don't you think?


This game was also introduced to us by Yoshifumi Murakami.
Download to use.

First, the 5 characters, あ, い, う, え and お descend from the top of the screen.
You have to shoot them down by using the cursor key and typing with the keyboard.
You need to press the correct button on the keyboard to correspond with the character you're aiming at - 'a' for 'あ', 'i' for 'い', 'u' for 'う' and so on.

The game continues from the 'あ-line' to the 'わ-line'.

For those of us who remember Space Invaders, the game that was all the rage in the late 1970s, this is a real trip down memory lane!
Pyoo, pyoo, pyoo...

Ultimate Kana Challenge

This is a game where you have to click on the randomly moving characters in order, from あ through to ん.
There is both a hiragana version and a katakana version.
Seeing as there are close to 50 characters moving around right at the beginning, this is a pretty difficult challenge!

This game is introduced on the website Student Resources for Nakama 2nd edition (Introduction article).

Trainer for Hiragana and Katakana

This game also comes courtesy of Student Resources for Nakama 2nd edition.
You have to read the hiragana correctly as they are shown one after the other in quick succession.
The quickest speed, 0.1, is really challenging!

If you too know of any useful, interesting games for studying Japanese, please drop us a line at the eな Information Station!

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