The word '感染 (kansen)[infection]'

Don't you find that sometimes in a medical setting, you need to know some important information? You might be able to find the words you need right away, by using NIHONGO de CARE-NAVI.

For example,

on the 21st, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government confirmed that 20 men and women in the Capital aged 10-69 and in their 80s and 90s were infected with COVID-19.

Reference: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20211121/k10013356461000.html
From 'NHK Website' 17:42 November 21, 2021

You could look up one word at a time, but on NIHONGO de CARE-NAVI, you can find all the related words at one time.

Let's look up the word '感染 (kansen)[infection]'.
Enter 'かんせん' in the search window (of course 感染 or kansen will work, too).

Here are the results.

You can also search using the Tag-Navigation.
For example, we made a search using a combination of the tags '病気・症状 (byouki/shoujou)[Illness/Symptoms]、' and '検査 (kensa)[Check-up]'.

If you see sample sentences, you can know who is talking to whom,
so by all means, please use this to look up words and phrases
in nursing and long-term care settings.

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