Online courses to learn Japanese culture (calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony)!

If you are interested in Japanese culture, you're likely thinking, 'I want to learn the basics of the traditional culture!' or 'I want to experience it!'
Let us introduce some online courses where you can learn traditional Japanese culture (calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony), from the online platform JF Japanese e-Learning, Minato (course introductions).

Shodoo A1 Self-Study Course

In this course, you can learn the basics of calligraphy (the history, styles, and tools) and related vocabulary as well as how to paint the calligraphy characters in detail, in a fun way with illustrations, videos, and quizzes.

Sample characters can be download in PDF format.

Even if you don't have access to calligraphy tools, you can still have the experience by using the substitutes that are introduced.

When you have completed your work, you can post it to your group.

I'd like to try writing!

Kadoo A1 Self-Study Course

In this course, you can learn the basics of flower arrangement (history, basic styling, tools, and flowers to use) and related vocabulary.

There are also videos of how to arrange the flowers.
There are videos showing the arrangement from the front and from above, so it's easy to see how they are styled.

You can take a picture of your own ikebana creation and post it to your group.

It would be fun to see other people's arrangements!

Sadoo A1 Self-Study Course

In this course, you can learn the basics of tea ceremony (history, spirit of hospitality, teahouse and tools, and teacakes) and related vocabulary.

Enjoy learning about the order and meaning of each tea ceremony movement, through videos and quizzes.

It's difficult to find utensils, tools, and matcha, or to participate in a tea ceremony, if you are in another country, but in this course, you can watch virtual videos filmed from the view of the guest, so you can feel like you are actually experiencing a tea ceremony. You can also practice saying the lines you would  say as a guest at a tea ceremony.

The course also has a practical task where you can experience the spirit of omotenashi (hospitality) of tea ceremony.
You will prepare chawan (teacups) and okashi (teacakes) to go with your very own tea ceremony theme.
Use your imagination and use the things at hand as tea ceremony tools for the chawan and okashi.

Take a photo of the chawan and okashi you prepared and post it to your group.
It will be interesting to look at the themes and see what kind of chawan and okashi are used.

That looks like something I could do. Which cups and teacakes should I prepare…?

Looks like a great way to learn the basics of traditional Japanese culture and get a hands-on experience, too.

You need to sign-up on JF Japanese e-Learning Minato to take these courses.
See this introduction article for details on how to register.
Registration to Minato and each course is free.

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