A collection of interesting apps on Japanese culture!

Take a little break from your regular Japanese studies and get in tune with the culture.
Here are some interesting apps where you can expose yourself to both the Japanese language and the culture.

How to Make Origami (Android)

Origami has long been a favorite among many people as a part of traditional Japanese culture.
With this app you can follow instructions in English as you enjoy the art of folding paper.

It comes with 3D animation, making it easy to follow, even if you're a beginner.

Isn't it great that kids and adults can all have fun with origami together?

We Noh (iOS)

The next one is an app for learning about Noh.
Noh is a unique stage performance that is a designated UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage. Still, many people seem to find it difficult to understand.
This app carefully explains Noh with contents that will surely interest you, even if you are completely new to it.

Read about it in English or Japanese on the horizontal screen.

The app is divided into four main sections.
See animated basics of Noh in "INFO".

See animated reproductions of Noh stories in "NOH PLAYS".

Enjoy trivia about Noh masks, costumes, and props in "GALLERY".
Gain knowledge about Noh with quizzes and solitaire games in "GAMES".

Wow, this is deep. I hope I get to see a real performance some day.

Ohayashi Sensei (iOS)

The last one is an app that lets you experience playing the four instruments that are part of Noh - the flute, kozutsumi (small drum), taiko drum, and oozutsumi (large drum).

In addition to the instrument features and how to play them, try your hand at performance games.

You'll surely feel Japanese culture and tradition as you enjoy playing these beautiful sounding instruments.

Seeing different parts of the culture has made me want to know more about Japan.

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