青空文庫 Aozora Bunko


Here you can read copyright-free works of literature (and more) written in Japanese. These include some famous masterpieces.

  • There are tons of copyright-free works.
  • You can download files to read them.

How to...

You can search for a particular literary work or writer using Japanese syllabary charts for novelist/writer's names or names of works/book titles.

When you search, you can view a list of works organised by writer. There is also a brief history, or CV, of the writer included.

Click here to download a file. The files are in compressed form.

You might like to try making use of a dictionary website/tool as you read in Japanese, to help you look up kanji, or the meanings of certain words.
POPjisyo (Introduction article)

Roll the mouse cursor over any words you don't understand and - like this - the meaning and reading will appear as a pop-up display.

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