Genki-Online Verb/Adjective Conjugation Practice


Here you can check the rules for conjugating Japanese verbs and adjectives, and do some practice too. As you get the chance to input Japanese using a PC, you can also get a feel for the way the language is written.

  • You can practise verb and adjective conjugation as handled in the grammar section of the "Genki" Japanese language textbook series.
  • There are various exercises (i.e. inputting the masu-form of verbs from the dictionary form) along with hints for '(Conjugation) Rules' and 'Meaning', making this a convenient site for reviewing content.
  • There is a summary at the end of each practice, so you can see which questions you made a mistake with and figure out your weak points.

How to...

This is the screen where you input the masu-form of each dictionary-form verb you are given.

Rules of conjugation are gathered together like this, for each group of verbs. It makes it easy to review anytime you find you have forgotten!

These contents are part of Genki-Online (Introduction article).

From the top page, first click on 'Self-study Room', then from the 'Grammar/Conversation' section, find 'Verb/Adjective Conjugation Practice' and click where it says 'Practice List'.

This site is also introduced in an "e! Kore" article called Review the textbook online! - "Genki"version. If you're interested, please take a look!

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