Review the textbook online! - "Genki" version

How are you preparing for, or reviewing, your Japanese classes?

On the internet you can find sites containing supplementary learning materials to help you prepare for, or to review, lessons from certain textbooks.

Obviously, not all Japanese textbooks are catered for, but the sites that there are can be very useful, not only for lesson preparation and review, but also to help you practise your quiz-technique.

Let's look at some study websites designed to run alongside the "Genki" series of textbooks.

Writers: Eri Banno, Yutaka Ohno, Yoko Sakane, Chikako Shinagawa & Kyoko Tokashiki
Publisher: The Japan Times

Genki-Online Self-study RoomIntroduction article

This site is part of Genki-Online (Introduction article).
Here you can find a collection of lots of online learning materials where you can find websites to help you practise kana, vocabulary, grammar, kanji, conversation and more.
There are also some quiz games.

Many of the learning materials introduced in the Genki-Online Self-study Room are introduced in some detail on our NIHONGO eな website. Feel free to read our introduction articles, which you can find listed below.

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