Japanese Kanji Map


For kanji you are interested in, you're shown 6 examples of how different characters can go before or after them to make various 2-kanji compound words. It's a useful site where you can check the reading and meaning of each compound word in a fun way, plus you can get a good grasp of how kanji are combined with others to make words.

  • For the kanji you want to look up, you'll be shown 3 words that end with and 3 words that begin with that character, with your chosen kanji displayed in the middle. On the outside of the map you are shown the reading, meaning and the parts that make up the central kanji.
  • For each compound, when you run the cursor over it, the reading and meaning are displayed as a pop-up.
  • Click on one of the kanji that make up a compound word and you'll be taken to a new map with that kanji at its centre.

These contents are one part of Rikai.com (Introduction Article). From the top page, you can get to this site by clicking the link encircled in the picture below.

At Rikai.com there are other useful features, such as a section where you can create your own kanii flashcards, to help you practise your vocabulary.

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