Genki-Online Kanji Reading Practice


This is a site where you can practise the readings of kanji that appear in the elementary Japanese textbook [Genki]. For each lesson, from number 3 through to number 23, you can practise reading kanji via quizzes.

  • Input kanji readings in hiragana then hit the RETURN key twice and you'll be given instant feedback: if the answer's correct you'll see a ○, but if it's incorrect you'll be shown a ×.
  • If you got the right answer, you'll automatically move on to the next kanji. There is a summary feature that allows you to check how many correct answers you get in one lesson.
  • You can't check the meanings of the kanji, so the site is designed for reading practice only.
  • Even if a correct reading is entered, if it isn't a reading that is learned in the [Genki] textbook, it will be counted as a mistake.

Please enter your answers using hiragana.

Let's take a look at the summary

You can see immediately which questions you made a mistake with, and how many times.
You can also see which reading you got wrong.

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