You can listen to the news of the day on NHK Radio at the speed of your choice.

  • Listen to the latest news, any time.
  • Choose the spoken speed and listen.
  • There's a menu for other radio programs, too.
  • Keep up your Japanese listening skills by listening to the latest news every day.

How to...

Sort the list by newest or oldest and select the news you want to listen to.

Small pop-up windows will appear.

Click where the red frame is to set the listening speed to your preference. You can also lock that speed.

There's a menu for other radio programs on the right side of the screen.
Here we'll show you '読むらじる (yomu rajiru)', radio for reading.

The radio programming can be read as articles.
You can fin articles from the list of articles or search by tags or programs.

As in the following image, you can read and understand radio content shown as written articles.

You can also use websites (like Hiragana Megane) to add ruby so you can save time looking up kanji and use that time to read and understand.

Screen showing kanji with ruby.

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